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Required Clothing or Footwear
All students are required to look neat and professional at all times, during classess, in-house and public events.
   This entails wearing
- Club T-shirt or hoody
- Black shorts or pants
- Comfortable sneakers

We ask that students do not wear

- sandals or thongs

- ballet flats or loose slip-on shoes

- black sole shoes

This is to ensure a safe dance environment for all students and teachers.


Club T-shirts and hoodies are available for purchase from our studio.

Please view our photo gallery page for pictures of the club uniform.


Bookings are essential
All our class sizes are limited to ensure that your child has a quality learning experience.

Prepaid terms are available; this is to ensure your child’s spot is guaranteed each week for that selected day and session time.

Students wishing to pay on a week to week casual basis, unfortunately will not have preference on the day and time session available, when all floor spots have been filled.
 Please enquire for class schedules and availability