Hip Hop Dance



Dance for fun or dance for fitness.
In our classes you will learn the basics of Hip Hop.
Beginners will learn to develop co-ordination and movement to music,
motor skills and help develop self confidence and self disciplin,
develop physical fitness and learn team work and co-operation.



Required Clothing or Footwear

We are a uniformed school, 
All students are required to look neat and professional at all times, during classess,
in-house and at public events.
   This entails wearing
- Club T-shirt or hoody
- Black shorts or pants
- Comfortable sneakers

We ask that students do not wear

- sandals or thongs

- ballet flats or loose slip-on shoes

- black sole shoes

This is to ensure a safe dance environment for all students and teachers.


Club T-shirts and hoodies are available for purchase from our studio.


Bookings are essential
All our class sizes are limited, ensuring your child has a quality learning experience.