Dance Classes, Hip Hop, Break Dance, Jazz


Classes are divided into groups, Beginners, Intermediate and progressive advanced groups. Two of our beginner's classes are designed for people who have no prior experience of dance and are open to all ages to all of our new pupils that have no dancing experience.
Our progressive classes are for the more serious students.
All levels of our classes will help develop fitness, body movement awareness and get you all moving to the tune.
You don't need to be an experienced dancer to join us, nor do you need to spend a lot of money on tuition to learn how to dance at. Staff are always welcoming, so please don't be shy to come alone, or with any of your friends, all will be welcome to join our class!

Subjects Covered


Our students can focus on hip hop dance, the latest craze dance style, seen on TV, video clips.
Our students will learn basic dance techniques, practical applications for dance, several dance routines, performance confidence.


The performance Group


Also known as our crew members, gives an exciting opportunity for our students who wish to focus on and develop their performance skills to a higher level. The crew perform at various promotional events as well as representing No Limits Dance in dance competitions all round Australia. The performance troupers must be enrolled in at least one of our core dance styles to participate.